Beverly Hills Tennis Club



—Everyone wants to know when the Club will open this year….and the answer is….”It depends.” It depends upon how quickly the courts dry out; the surface must be firm and dry before the staff from Midwest Sport Surfaces can pull up the old lines, remove the old surface, spread, water and roll tons of material and finally nail down new lines. When we know, you’ll know. But Opening Day is SCHEDULED for Saturday May 6th.

—Mr. Tony Balta is our new manager, welcome aboard! Rebecca Jiricek (our manager last year) will graduate from St. Xavier and embark on her career in digital marketing and finance. You will see her around the BHTC for a while so wish her well.

—Members can still rent the Club for private events; check the private event application on BHTC website for new prices.

—In response to member comments one change has been made to the Club rules: “Be respectful, avoid loud conversations, profanity, unnecessary noise, phone calls, and music/alarms on the courts.” 

—The Mark Erzen Scholarship will return this year. This scholarship is available to students (the children of members and non-members alike) entering grades 7-12. The winners will be awarded Junior Memberships or the equivalent amount they can use in private or group lessons with one of our pros. Applications will be on the website in mid-May.

BHTC is open for the tennis season!