Beverly Hills Tennis Club

June Baseliner

Your June installment of the award-winning BASELINER! 

(your humble scribe apologizes for the tardiness)

First—the most notable event at our BHTC in June  was the success of the new format women’s Tuesday competition. Every Tuesday evening  the courts were jammed with competitors. Congratulations to organizer Polly Kelly and team captains Lisa Franco, Kathleen Heneghan and Toni King.

Second—new BHTC clothing is here. Get your summer shopping done next time you visit the Club.

Third—the ball machine has been balky but is operational now. You may be glad to know that we know exactly the machine to buy if we need a replacement.

Fourth—the BHTC application to be included in Open House Chicago has progressed to step two. It looks like we will be included in this prestigious event in October.

Fifth—the playing surface has improved because…because why? Because we got the golf cart back from the shop (your dues dollars at work) and we used the heavy roller to compact the Har-Tru.

Sixth—Coach Lisa’s junior team has played a home match against Western Springs on June 16; they won the 14 and under division (4-2) but lost the 18 and under; the outcomes were reversed against Oak Park—winning the 18 and under and losing the 14 and under. The next meet is BHTC vs River Forest at home on July 7 and the end of the year tournament is away at River Forest on July 14.

TENNIS QUIZ QUESTION IN THREE PARTS—1. In feet, how far is it from the net to the back service line? 2. How far is it from the back service line to the baseline? 3. How far is it from the net to the baseline?

BHTC is open for the paddle season.